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Super héros enfants

Dear dreamer from 5 to 75 years old 🌍

At the other end of our world, in southern land, the Walpiri aborigines dream. In their culture, “dream time” evokes a period dating back to the creation of their world. A time when the first beings roamed the world creating life and all things. There was the dream of the rain which created the rain, the dream of the mountains which created the mountains and the dream of the oceans which inevitably created the oceans!

In 2020, the Walpiri continue to celebrate the dreams that drive them. For them, the dream is a religion, a law, a form of knowledge of life. The dream is the central theme of their culture.

It is very likely that in each of us there are creators of dreams. Dreams that have shaped our inner world and therefore our existence and our environment.

What was your world like when you were between 5 and 10 years old? What dream maker were you? What were your dreams for the future?

How do past, current and future generations dream their future world? What do children dream of in 2020 and how are they shaping our future?

All these questions that I asked myself led me to the creation of the LE TEMPS DE NOS RÊVES project. A vast survey across generations and countries to discover dreams for the future and their impact on our humanity.

CHILDREN between 5 and 10 years old and ADULTS can participate by clicking on the button bellow.

Of course you can share these questionnaires with as many people and abroad too (and above all!) So that this project can see the light of day ;).



PS: the best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up! (Paul Valéry)


I wish you all a good awakening,

Johanna Neige Berger


“When I was little, I was fascinated by hieroglyphics and pyramids. In short, at 5 years old I wanted to become an Egyptologist. The following year, I told myself that exploring the stars would be quite interesting and accessible, so I decided that I would work in space in parallel of my in-depth study of mysteries of Ancient Egypt. And since, I had decided at 6 that it wouldn't be more complicated than playing hopscotch, the goal of becoming a pirate settled very quietly in my head for quite a while. I “just” wanted to explore the world (I loved Indiana Jones 😉) and discover treasures. 30 years later, I reasoned myself a little from a planning point of view but I continue my quest of treasures, more subtly... I spend my days digging layers and revealing the treasures buried in each person as I became a holistic therapist. I often have my head in the stars and a very good seafaring 😉 "

Johanna - France

"Until I was 5, I was leaving in Peru. At that time, I had lots of toys at home but my favorite hobby was to play the role of mom with my 2 years old neighbor. For any child caring for a smaller one who has just learned to walk and who doesn't speak properly, it's not a child's play. But I loved it. I think I was dreaming of being his mom. I like to bring smile back to crying children. I like to take care of them. The people around me see my relationship with the children as a gift. I admire children, BUT, I also was very at ease with elderly people (the opposite), chatting with them and just keeping them company. When I arrived in France at the age of 5, I didn't speak French, yet my parents still remember the day when I spent a whole evening chatting with the mother of my stepfather's best friend. She said to my parents: "I don't understand anything of what she is saying but she talks a lot!". Now, I am 32 years old and I hardly realizez that my childhood dream was to become a mom ".

Fiorella - Pérou

Your dreams live ...

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