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Johanna Neige Berger

Before being a holistic therapist, I was above all a big dreamer (with a good foot on the ground) and curious about life, the human being, the spirit. Through my own personal journey, my experiences and my trainings, I accompany young and old to transform their physical, emotional and psychological wounds in order to find a state of inner peace and especially to FIND YOURSELF.

Your sessions in practice or teleconsultation

Integrative hypnotherapy ®

Integrative hypnotherapy ® allows us to manage our dormant resources. During the sessions, we can awaken your own powers of self-healing that lie using your unconscious part.

Integrative hypnotherapy ® uses and combines different therapeutic approaches to support:

- eating disorders

- Stress & anxiety management

- Depression & insomnia

- Chronic pain

- Addictions

- Psychosomatic disorders

 and many others.

energy healing

Energy healing has been used since the dawn of time. These treatments are used to suppress, transform negative energies and re-harmonize a person's energy circuits to help them maintain good health.

The treatments can be carried out in person at my office or remotely.

natural health advice

Through my experience and my knowledge, I support you in maintaining or restoring an optimal state of health and well-being through food, hygiene of life, as well as exclusively natural means.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

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30 Rue de la Liberté

94300 Vincennes


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